YouTube's Terrible Copyright System

I recently took it upon myself to put YouTube’s copyright system through the ringer to see what kind of protections were in place against false claims… I was highly disappointed by what I found out…

If you are looking for a video on this subject I created one here.

Below I have included the form that YouTube uses for the public/companies to issue a formal takedown on a video.

Here are the legalities one must agree to when issuing a takedown.

After submitting the form an auto generated email-confirmation was sent to me (the accusers email address). Note You must have a google account to submit one of these takedown requests that is the ONLY requirement to get to that link. I have redacted all of my PII data aside from the video URL that I performed the takedown on.

3 days later I received this lovely email in my inbox once again PII data has been masked for my privacy.

All I put in the form was that this video was an internal video not released to the public and youtube accepted it without any doubt. My video was not just taken down I received a copyright strike for this.

In a panic to get my content back I failed to take any pictures of the content on my channel but I did take a picture from the accusers side of things. So that is where I will continue.

Here we see all the accuser needs to do is retract the claim. The moment I retracted my claim the video was back online and the strike was removed from my channel. A confirmation email was sent to the accuser as well once again I have removed my PII data.